ipswich mot snake

MOT Mechanic Discovers Snake During Test!

Hardeep Varaich was busily conducting an MOT at his Bilston garage when the snake made a surprising entry into the test and we don’t mean a serpentine belt!

The MOT mechanic said he jacked up the car, and then spotted the large reptile (thought to be a yellow rat snake) coiled around the vehicle’s frame.

Hardeep, the owner of Auto Trust Centre Ltd, said: “I jacked the vehicle up in the air and there it was, wrapped around the body of the vehicle, pointing it’s face right towards me.

“It was at the back and hanging towards us and no one knew what to do with it.

Mr Varaich said he was not surprisingly far too scared to get close to the reptile so called on staff from nearby Morton Auto Tech Ltd to lend a hand.

A large hook was used to prise the 3ft snake from the Vauxhall Corsa before it was placed in a box at the Lord Street garage.

The reptile’s surprising arrival has left Mr Varaich and his team very puzzled, with no one able to tell them how the snake found it’s way into the corsa.

Hardeep, went on to say the owner of the car is also baffled about where the reptile came from.

The shocked MOT mechanic added: “It’s not everyday you see a snake. It was a big shock, I’m scared of spiders, never mind finding a snake.

The customer was just as shocked as they were and they also could not come up with any reason for the snake being there.

“We’ve never had anything like this happen before.”

The garage team have been unable to rehome the snake but are hoping a caring animal lover will take the reptile off their hands and give it sanctuary.

Hardeep ventured: “We just want it out of here and somewhere safe.”

A Midlands Safari Park spokesman said the picture looked to be of a yellow rat snake. They are non-venomous but can grow up to 10ft long.