Car Battery Replacement Ipswich

Ipswich Car battery Service

We are sure to stock the battery you require at a price that you can afford.

The battery is the source of all electricity in your car. It powers the starter motor and ignition, all on board ECU computer units and ensures that there is enough power to ensure the electrical side of your cars operation runs smoothly.

In order to maintain a reliable car, a reliable battery is essential.

Common signs that your battery is faulty include:

  • The engine is slow to turn over after ignition
  • Your headlight are dim
  • The engine will not turn over and you can hear a rapid clicking sound
  • You can maintain your battery and extend its life by doing the following:
  • Never allow your battery to completely discharge
  • Apply battery grease to terminals to keep them free from corrosion
  • Ensure that the battery is firmly secured in its mountings and that all connections are fully tightened
  • Keep the battery clean and dry at all times