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Ipswich Car Suspension Services

Our Car Suspension Services

Ipswich car suspension fitting, car suspension replacement and services are available from Safeway Tyre and Exhaust Ipswich, local car suspension experts. Our Ipswich car suspension services offer a reliable and trusted solution to common car suspension issues that Ipswich customers vehicles will face.

Suspension Fitting Ipswich

Express Ipswich Suspension Care

Express car suspension services are available to Ipswich customers with a busy schedule. Our team of Ipswich car suspension experts can book you in specific slot for you to bring your car to our Ipswich depot and have your suspension checked or replaced.

Honest Reliable Ipswich Car Suspension Services

Ipswich car suspension refitting and services from Safeway Tyre and Exhaust centre Ipswich combine our many years of experience in our family run Ipswich business and the care and attention that our Ipswich garage is underpinned by. A car suspension system is a delicate network of cooperating components designed to give you a smooth, even, stable journey. Your cars suspension is ground zero when it comes to road abuse with the parts wearing out and even breaking on occasion so it’s important to mindful of its reliability. If your vehicle doesn’t seem to ride like it used to then your cars suspension is on the list of items that can cause this.

ipswich car suspension
ipswich car suspension services

Signs You May Have Suspension Problems...

  1. Vehicle pulling to one side while driving.
    Your vehicle pulling left or right is easily the most common sign of suspension problems. It’s also be one of the hardest problems to diagnose properly without the help of a trusted garage service. Many other issues such as tyres and tracking can also produce the same result so best to pop to us before replacing things.
  2. Bumpy ride.
    A very rough ride is a good indicator your shocks or struts are worn and needing swift replacement. Feeling every bump on the road which of course makes your car bounce is a sign you’ve got suspension problems and need to get to a garage.
  3. Vehicle sits unevenly.
    When your vehicle is on a level ground but one side or corner sits lower than the others then you’ve likely got a broken spring. You have possibly noticed a clunk noise when going over bumps or potholes. This can be dangerous when cornering.
  4. Vehicle nosedives or leans back.
    If your vehicle isn’t absorbing the impact of breaking or a allowing itself to lean back then this is a clear indication that you have a suspension issue because one side, corner or either the front or back is failing to absorb these forces.
  5. Steering is difficult.
    If steering is becoming difficult, particularly when you’re moving slowly, something might be wrong with your suspension. Often the steering may feel like it’s “slipping” when you turn the wheel or hold it in a turned position if your suspension is failing. Again, this is an indicator where you will need to come to see us because a number of other issues can create a similar effect to your driving experience.

Our Pledge to You...

Our Ipswich based team offer only the services we excel in and not have a residual knowledge of so our Ipswich car suspension services are areas we have a deep knowledge in. We aim to deliver 5 star service and 5 star results on every service we offer and undertake.