Ipswich Diagnostic Services

Ipswich Car Diagnostics Centre

Ipswich car diagnostic experts, Safeway Tyre & Exhaust Centre Ipswich offer expert Ipswich diagnostic services for cars and vans. We have the latest diagnostic equipment to plug into your cars ECU and read the issues it is presenting.

Ipswich Diagnostics Services

  • Vehicle Diagnostic Check
  • DTC Code Reading
  • DTC Code Clearance
  • Automotive Electrical Services
Ipswich Diagnostic Services

Do You Need Ipswich Diagnostics Services?

Diagnostics services are the collective name of the services required which relate to the ECU, the mini computer under your dashboard that both relays info to you via the dashboard lights and controls many electronically operated parts of the engine.

What's Your Car Telling You?

Diagnostics service are needed when your car is either stuck in limp mode, your dashboard engine light is on or there is a diagnostic readout from your digital display that something isn’t right. This is when you should get your car to an expert because sometimes driving when there is an issue can be fatal to your engine.

Engine Diagnostic Checks

Engine ECU diagnostic codes that are flagged up can be checked and analysed by Safeway Tyre and Exhaust Ipswich diagnostic services. We have the latest diagnostic equipment at our units in order to offer a comprehensive Ipswich diagnostics service.

ECU Fault Codes

ECU fault codes can be cleared down once the issue that the ECU read has been rectified. Safeway Tyre and Exhaust can turn off engine lights for rectified issues. Solving an issue is one thing but the light needs to be off to alert you of other issues.

ECU Variable Settings

ECU variable settings involve the differences between models that need to be programmed into a standard ECU. Safeway Tyre and Exhaust are able to program your ECU variable settings from our Ipswich diagnostic service equipment.