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Discount MOT Ipswich

Our Ipswich MOT Service

Cheap MOT Ipswich services are available from a range of garages and outlets but we at Safeway offer an all year round cheap Ipswich MOT price and honest MOT service, something not always associated with discounted MOT deals.

Express MOT Service

Same Day Ipswich MOT Service

Cheap Ipswich MOT services often offer a discounted price in exchange for booking ahead considerably or through a third party which can be awkward. We aim to complete all work the same day where possible or if parts are ordered, when they arrive. We can do our discounted Ipswich MOT service at short notice and look to get you back on the road ASAP.

Discounted MOT Ipswich £40

An Honest MOT

Ipswich discounted MOT providers, Safeway Tyre and Exhaust Centre offer an honest MOT for an honest price of £40 which covers our labour fairly in the event of a car going straight through the test which is something we hope all cars do. MOTs are often a source of stress for drivers who are expecting anything from only the cost of the MOT to writing their car off as the costs are too high.

When is an MOT too cheap?

Ipswich MOT centres and nationwide are businesses who are looking to maintain profit levels on all services they offer. Because of this it is always prudent of drivers to watch out for excessively cheap MOT prices. If an MOT centre is paying the expected rates for skilled MOT mechanics to check over your car in the time needed to complete an MOT then paying less than £27 suggests that they are losing money. This is where the temptation comes in for garages to be far stricter in their assessments of the MOT in order to create jobs to bring the transaction into profit. An advisory becomes a fail, a tyre that’s worn becomes too worn and so on. While this may seem safer for the driver it’s also wasteful and poor value for money. If a tyre still has 3-6 months or more for a low milage driver or a part that costs £300 to fit but could have lasted another year is changed before time then the driver has lost out. This is a common practice for garages offering too good to be true MOT prices.

ipswich discount mot
discount mot ipswich

Our Pledge to You...

Our Ipswich discounted MOT service is fair to you and an accurate MOT because we have made a small profit even if your car passes straight through and needs no work. We like nothing more than telling people that they don’t have to spend that £500 they kept back incase an expensive part was needed and it helps us to fulfil another pledge, to get you back on the road as soon as possible. We don’t cut corners, we don’t overlook what’s a fail, we don’t look for extra work because we are losing on an over cheap price, we just look to get you an MOT certificate that’s a genuine reflection against the DVLA VOSA requirements.

Discounted MOT Ipswich With Service £20

Ipswich MOT + Service

Ipswich discount MOT + service allows us to offer drivers an even lower but just as honest Ipswich MOT service. We charge just £20 for an MOT if in incorporated with a service that can be applied to your service history book, make your car more efficient and prolongs its life through good care. Remember, cars with good service history where companies have shown good preventative car maintenance by changing filters and oil instead of reactively fixing things as they break enjoy a longer lifespan.

Because we are able to inspect filters and oil while completing the MOT thus combining the tasks, we’re able to cut the price down to just £20 for the MOT.

Our Ipswich MOT + Service Deals

Ipswich Express Service + MOT Deal

From £80

  • Oil change
  • Oil filter change
  • 360 brake check

Ipswich Comprehensive Service + MOT Deal

From £140

  • Oil change
  • Oil filter change
  • Air filter if needed
  • Pollen filter if needed
  • Spark plugs if needed
  • 360 brake check
  • Steering check
  • Shock absorber check